• Serial entrepreneur, founder, inventor, CEO of joint ventures with Ericsson, IBM, Cisco, Telia, Tele2, Vattenfall and British Telecom – four resulting in multi-billion (SEK) exits.
  • Chairman of the Swedish IT/Telecom Industry with 300 000 members.
  • Acting IT-Minister of Sweden
  • Excutive Chairman of BrainHeart Energy – a spin-out from the joint-venture
    between Vattenfall and BrainHeart.
  • Chairman of the heating/coolling part of Swedish Governments Fossil Free Strategy.
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Ulf Jonströmer Founder and CEO of BrainHeart Energy – holding company for sustainable and renewable energy solutions founded by Ulf Jonströmer and Göran Grosskopf (Chairman of IKEA and other international Enterprises).

The huge European energy company Vattenfall approached BrainHeart with an offer to acquire the majority of the newly formed BrainHeart Energy (BHE). The negotiations ended 2017 with a 65/35 % joint-venture: BrainHeart Energy (BHE) focusing on renewable energy solutions . BHE made 11 acquisitions of companies designing, installing, drilling, servicing and reached 350 MSEK in revenues. The two owners found that their plans for BrainHeart’s future were more different than expected. In 2019 the owners agreed to accept Vattenfall acquiring 100% of the
B2C part while BrainHeart kept the B2B part focusing on sustainable energy solutions for large real estate.

Ulf Jonströmer became the chairman for the board of Swedish Government’s Strategy project: Fossilfritt Sverige. Ulf resigned when the companies representing District Heating were given majority in the board – although 80 % of their heating services are generated by combustion of biofuels and garbage – both meaning CO2-emissions higher than any of the fossil fuels (coal, oil and biogas)!
Chairman and co-founder of Carbon Free Alliance (CFA) – which forms a cluster of the best human specialists in Carbon Free Technologies and Renewable Energy Solutions – forming the base for setting up JVs, companies and projects but also as experts in the ongoing debates regarding laws, rules and taxes and tariffs in the energy/climate area.
In 2018 MegaWatt Solutions – a subsidiary to BrainHeart Energy – won Sweden’s largest competition for sustainable heatpump-based solutions for large real-estate – the first price was contracts for 100 MSEK for Victoriahem – one of Sweden’s largest real-estate owners.
British Telecom became a 50/50 partner of a joint B2B operator with all functionality and value-added services for the UK enterprise market based on BrainHeart Capital’s system’s design and documentation. The whole company was sold to BT in 2021. Exit value: 3 billion SEK.
Ulf Jonströmer set up and became founder & chairman of BrainHeart Capital – an investment company with a fund of 1.5 billion SEK.
The 500 billion SEK European Private Equity company Permira bought Telia’s majority shares and divested AU-System and its subsidiaries: ID2 and Across Wireless. 3 buyers paid 16 billion SEK in total.
The multinational datacom giant Cisco became co-owner & joint venture partner within the digital ID/cryptology solutions. Across Wireless became the solution provider of the systems for natinal digital ID for both Germany and Finland.
The multinational datacom giant Cisco became co-owner & joint venture partner within the digital ID/cryptology solutions. Across Wireless became the solution provider of the systems for natinal digital ID for both Germany and Finland.
Joint Venture partner for a dedicated enterprise mobile operator “Spring” with own GSM-license and all value-added-services for the corporate market – later the base for a large venture with British Telecom (see above).
Chairman of the Swedish IT & Telecom Industry with 300,000 members. Acting IT Minister of Sweden.
Across Wireless and iD2 were created as two spin-out product companies from AU-System – offering wireless internet solutions and security/cryptology products services – respectably. Exit value: 7 & 3 billion SEK.
AU-System got government-owned Telia as part owner and business partner including full responsibility for several value-added telecom services and VA-projects for moving traffic and revenues from fixed to wireless.
Ulf Jonströmer became the first chairman of the Swedish Software Industry and stayed in that position for 12 years.
Programator (later multi-national Cap Gemini) became co-owner (33%) Lars Irstad, the main owner of Programator, became chairman of AU-System.
Ericsson – the telecom acquired 33 % of AU-System which became technology partner to Ericsson in datacom and value-added services for wireless telecom network. Ericsson’s CEO became member in the board of AU-System for several years.
Stockholm Stock Exchange (later NASDAQ) became AU-System’s first customer. Joint partner for internal and external IT-systems – including a satellite solution for market information all over Europe.
Ulf founder & CEO of AU-System AB offering large net-based turnkey systems. Grew the company to 1,400 employees. Exit value in total: 16 billion SEK.
At the age of 24 Ulf became Head of Banking & Financial Software Development at Datasaab (family Wallenberg’s IT company) managing a team of 15 system developers for the huge (4000 interconnected computers) real-time network for the Scandinavian Savings Banks .
Bachelor in Mathematics, Numeric Analysis and Business Admin. 9 months of total studies.